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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Phone Hacking Is Easy and All Phones Are Vulnerable

With just a phone number, hackers can hear and record voice conversations, track a person’s whereabouts, read text messages, spy on a person, and steal information — such as contacts data, giving hackers the phone numbers of others for additional malicious actions.

In the investigation conducted by the CBS News Network, which aired "Hacking Your Phone" on the 60 Minutes television program, hackers quickly and without detection intercepted and recorded a congressman’s phone conversation by just knowing his phone number. 

TCC’s CipherTalk® secure smartphone protects against all of these threats. It doesn’t use the SS7 global phone network protocol, provides end-to-end military-grade encryption, encrypts stored data like contacts, and makes communications anonymous, while functioning just like a typical easy-to-use smartphone.

View the video of the investigation report to understand firsthand the vulnerabilities of mobile phone communications. Politicians, business executives, military/paramilitary organizations, law firms, financial, industrial utility, and pharmaceutical operations are just some high-risk areas. 

Next, contact TCC to secure your mobile phone — and all your phone communications: landline, VoIP and smartphone, as they all use the SS7 network and are all at risk. 

'Hacking Your Phone' Video Report by 60 Minutes

 60 Minutes Investigation Shows All Phones at Risk of Being Hacked. View Video Here.


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