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Friday, July 8, 2016

New Location of TCC's CipherONE Blog

With the launch of our new website platform, TCC's CipherONE blog will now be hosted at

Please bookmark this link and also visit us to check out our new mobile responsive site.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Phone Hacking Is Easy and All Phones Are Vulnerable

With just a phone number, hackers can hear and record voice conversations, track a person’s whereabouts, read text messages, spy on a person, and steal information — such as contacts data, giving hackers the phone numbers of others for additional malicious actions.

In the investigation conducted by the CBS News Network, which aired "Hacking Your Phone" on the 60 Minutes television program, hackers quickly and without detection intercepted and recorded a congressman’s phone conversation by just knowing his phone number. 

TCC’s CipherTalk® secure smartphone protects against all of these threats. It doesn’t use the SS7 global phone network protocol, provides end-to-end military-grade encryption, encrypts stored data like contacts, and makes communications anonymous, while functioning just like a typical easy-to-use smartphone.

View the video of the investigation report to understand firsthand the vulnerabilities of mobile phone communications. Politicians, business executives, military/paramilitary organizations, law firms, financial, industrial utility, and pharmaceutical operations are just some high-risk areas. 

Next, contact TCC to secure your mobile phone — and all your phone communications: landline, VoIP and smartphone, as they all use the SS7 network and are all at risk. 

'Hacking Your Phone' Video Report by 60 Minutes

 60 Minutes Investigation Shows All Phones at Risk of Being Hacked. View Video Here.


Friday, March 25, 2016

TCC’s CipherTalk® Makes Mobile Voice and Text Communications Anonymous

The CipherTalk secure smartphone provides military-grade full-circle protection for all aspects of mobile phone talk and text communications, including an innovative ability to ensure user anonymity. The entire voice and text messaging connection procedure is hidden, and no user data or call logs are generated, collected or stored. Whom and when a user is calling, and where they are calling from, is only known by the user.

To ensure full anonymity of communications the secure CipherTalk infrastructure includes three information gaps. The first gap is between the CipherTalk phones, where the CipherONE® Secure Connect Network isolates the CipherTalk phone initiating the call from the answering CipherTalk phone terminating the call. The CipherONE Secure Connect Network securely authenticates and IP connects the CipherTalk phones, and maintains the CipherTalk IP connections worldwide. The CipherTalk phones communicate only with the CipherONE Secure Connect Network. The CipherONE Network securely relays the encrypted talk or text between the CipherTalk phones, providing anonymity of who is calling whom and their locations. This relay process does not affect the encrypted talk or text communications, which are encrypted and decrypted by the CipherTalk phones only.

The second information gap to ensure anonymity is between the CipherTalk phones and the end-users. The end-user does not have to provide any personal or subscriber information to make a secure call even when using GSM data services. This allows an organization to hide the end-users of the CipherTalk phones, separating the users of the phones from the procurement of the phones, which provides invisibility and anonymity of the end-user.

The third information gap is that TCC’s technology hides the encrypted communications. As the encrypted communications are undetectable, they cannot be seen and therefore intercepted or blocked by the outside world. See Figure 1

Figure 1: Three information-gap infrastructure for anonymous secure CipherTalk call/text communications.  Click image to enlarge

Learn more about the military-grade CipherTalksecure smartphone or contact us at