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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Universal, End-to-End Encryption for TCP Performance-Optimized Satellite Networks with the Cipher X® 7211 IP Encryption System

Satellite performance, particularly for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), is adversely affected by the long round trip delay (over half a second) associated with geostationary high earth satellites. Many satellite equipment vendors have developed techniques to minimize this impact on users; one common technique is the use of a TCP proxy for TCP Acceleration. Application(s) requiring strong end-to-end protection using an installed satellite system with TCP Acceleration, however, have a problem. Use of a Layer 3 or 4 IP encryption system to implement end-to-end security is incompatible with TCP Acceleration techniques utilized by satellite gear unless the encryption system is specifically designed to handle this situation. TCC has developed the Cipher X 7211 IP encryption system with innovative TCP Stream Encryption operating to properly handle these optimizations seamlessly.

Our white paper, which is available for download, provides an overview of satellite communication performance limitations and how a TCP proxy operates to counter the limitations. It then describes TCP proxy incompatibility issues with Layer 3 or 4 end-to-end encryption systems, and how TCC’s Cipher X 7211 IP encryption system with TCP Stream Encryption enables end-to-end security for TCP performance-optimized satellite networks.

TCC’s Cipher X 7211 IP encryption system with innovative TCP Stream Encryption supports TCP Acceleration performed by satellite networking gear. As a result, users of TCP performance-optimized satellite networks no longer have to sacrifice performance to implement end-to-end security. The Cipher X 7211 encryption system operating at Layer 4 includes features to work with and take full advantage of the special capabilities often incorporated into satellite gear for network performance optimization. Further, the Cipher X 7211 encrypts satellite and other transport media, including hybrid networks, and operates independently of the network provider and equipment.

Download the white paper to learn more.

End-to-end transport-agnostic WAN security with TCP performance-enhanced satellite networks


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